Our Members

Michael Taylor


CSE Class of 2021

Promoted from his treasurer position in Spring 2020, Michael started the summer off right for the organization by forming the UPE tutorial team, and helping UPE cater to the community despite the challenges of our online-centric semester.

Virginia Ho

Vice President

CSE Class of 2022

Virginia's hardworking nature shows through more than her work for UPE. Virginia is a student administrator for the CSE Office in ITE, and was a software engineering intern at Cigna this last summer. Virginia will be returning to Cigna to continue her internship this upcoming summer.

Christopher Vassallo


CSE Class of 2022

Chris is more than just a treasurer: he's 2 treasurers. Also managing the funds for UConn's ACM chapter, he is looking forward to more interaction within all facets of CS community at UConn. Chris is actively working to bring a MLH-sponsored hackathon to UConn in Spring of 2021 as well!

Finn Navin


CS Class of 2022

As secretary, Finn is likely the person you're receiving emails from with UPE updates. He began programming in his senior year of high school. Outside of his classes, he likes programming in JavaScript, and has been working with React and updating the UPE website!

Leonard Adams


CSE Class of 2020

A driven individual and avid learner, Lenny seeks to maximize his knowledge/experience base while remaining in-touch with the importance of team cohesiveness and efficient interpersonal skills. For more details, feel free to find him on his LinkedIn.

Zach Zambuto


CSE Class of 2021

Zach Zambuto mainly does software development in the startup and entrepreneurship space. He loves to work on meaningful missions and create something from nothing.
Zach is a Werth Innovator

Eli Cosentino


CSE Class of 2021

Eli is a Senior studying Computer Science and Engineering with a concentration in Computational Data Analytics. In addition, he is an undergraduate teaching assistant for the School of Engineering and E-Board member for UConn's ACM chapter. Eli spent his summer as a technology development intern for Optum, a health services innovation company.

Samarth Kasbawala


CSE Class of 2021

Samarth is a Computer Science and Engineering major with a concentration in Data Analytics and a minor in Mathematics. He has a passion for both learning and teaching, which led him to take on tutoring roles at local middle schools and high schools while also being an undergraduate teaching assistant. In addition, he is an undergraduate research assistant where he and his team are making huge strides in internet routing security.

Brandon Mino

Tutorial Team Member

CSE Class of 2021

Brandon is the president of ACM. Among his many interactions with UPE, he made videos as a member of the UPE Tutorial Team.

Ali Kafel


CS Class of 2021

Ali is a senior at UCONN majoring in CS. He has always loved working with computers ever since he was a kid. His interests lie in software and app development.